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For more information please contact Trish McLellan from LawCare Ltd.

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LawCare is the charity that supports and promotes good mental health and wellbeing in the legal community throughout the UK and Ireland.

LawCare’s mission is to help the legal community, their staff and families, with any personal or professional issue that may be affecting their mental health and wellbeing. Support spans the entire legal life, from student to training, through to practice and retirement.

LawCare strives for a community where anyone who may be facing a personal or professional difficulty that is affecting their mental health and wellbeing understands how to seek help, without fear of stigma. It wants the legal community to know what help is available to them, and how to access it. LawCare understands life in the law. It has a free, independent, and confidential Helpline – 0800 279 6888 – where calls are answered by trained staff and volunteers, all of whom have experience of working in the legal sector. It offers empathetic support for work, emotional, health and financial problems, and callers are signposted to specialist support where appropriate.

LawCare also offers a range of informative, downloadable factsheets on its website,, as well as other resources and information.

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  • A free, independent and totally confidential Helpline, 365 days a year 0800 279 6888

  • Access to downloadable factsheets at

  • Access to useful resources and other information at

  • Callers are signposted to specialist support where appropriate

  • Callers are offered peer support where appropriate