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ECS (Eadie Corporate Solutions Ltd) is a Scottish-based company, serving law firms in Scotland and throughout the world.


The company is owned by former Deputy Police Commander Alan Eadie, who had 32 years of distinguished police service. Our team consists of accomplished former police officers and support staff, each with considerable investigative backgrounds. Such experience ensures clients the best research and investigation service, which has never dropped below a 97% annual solvency rate.


From our office in Musselburgh, our team assist law firms as follows:


i) Complex executries – We research family history and then trace all living beneficiaries; producing comprehensive reports and family tree charts.

ii) Executries: check family trees and details – We thoroughly check and ratify information provided by surviving families, to the satisfaction of specialist insurers, thereby     allowing bonds of caution to be provided.

ii) Tracing investigations – We find individuals for a variety of reasons, including living beneficiaries in executry cases. We also resolve historical balances by tracing            

iii) DNA sampling and analysis – Utilised mainly to resolve legal rights and other similar       claims. We take care of all aspects of the sampling and analysis process, and report            findings. The results are conclusive.

iv) Litigation / precognition assistance – We obtain comprehensive statements from Our speciality is interviewing police witnesses, as we are fully conversant with police processes, culture and systems well.


We engage in thorough and exhaustive research, using modern desktop technology and facilities. We also hold comprehensive interviews with individuals traced and know how to get the best from them. We conduct groundwork when necessary, following leads and carrying out door-to-door enquiries. These exceptional policing skills are at our clients’ disposal.


Our services are offered at a competitive hourly rate with no additional costs for compilation of the comprehensive report you receive. There is also a no find / no fee option available.


Please refer to our website for further information.