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CKD Galbraith HM Connect Contact

Main Contact & Valuations: Robert Taylor
T 01292 292 545 | M 07585 901 847 | E

Planning and Development: Jamie Grant
T 01786 434638 | M 07920 495414 | E

Forestry Services, Tree Surveys & Tree Safety Reports: Louise Alexander
T 01463 245 381| M 07795 366070 | E

Geographical Information Systems (GIS): Daniel Campanile
T 01786 434634 | M 07500 794928 | E

For information on any of our other services please visit or call 0131 240 6960

CKD Galbraith - ConnectExtra

CKD Galbraith is one of Scotland’s leading independent property consultancies with expertise across a broad spectrum of property related services. From our offices across Scotland we provide a full range of services across the residential, commercial, rural, agricultural, forestry and energy sectors. But did you know that we also provide assistance with:

• Planning and Development

From advising on the potential benefits of obtaining planning permission for land and buildings to obtaining necessary permission and providing measured advice we help our clients to maximise the value of their landholdings/development land.

• Tree Safety Reports

Managing the risk from trees is the responsibility of the land owner and manager, while surveys are required when carrying out any building work near trees. We can produce a Tree Safety Strategy to identify areas requiring survey, prioritise them into Risk Zones, inspect them and determine if remedial action is required.

• Tree Surveys for Development Work

Local authorities require trees which will be potentially affected by any building work or development to be surveyed by an arboricultural surveyor. Our qualified surveyors work closely with local authorities and planners to ensure we provide a tailored service for our clients covering all aspects of the British Standard.

• Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Providing a valuable reference tool and a vital resource, our bespoke GIS application is a highly effective tool for analysing geographical data and constructing plans. Utilising current and historic mapping and our own and third-party data, we can produce professional maps, land registry compliant plans and robust databases which can improve project management.

• Valuations

Not only for land and property assets but also for renewable installations and sporting rate reintroduction. We can provide valuations for purposes including sale and purchase, probate, tax and family transfers.


HM Connect Member Special Discount

Discount of 10% on Valuations, Forestry (Tree Surveys and Tree Safety Reports), GIS mapping, planning and development.

We pride ourselves on being an innovative and progressive firm which has adapted with the times, but we’re not ashamed to say that we take an old fashioned approach when it comes to delivering the highest quality of personal service. With our professionalism, experience and dedication we strive to achieve the best possible results for our clients. Whatever your requirements it’s always our aim to exceed your expectations.

Advising owners and occupiers on over £4m acres in Scotland, the partnership provides the future of property consulting.