ConnectExtra - special deals for HM Connect members

As a member of the HM Connect network you'll already be aware of the great benefits of having access to the legal resources and support of one of Scotland's biggest firms, but now in addition to this we're pleased to introduce +ConnectExtra.

We've carefully selected a group of specialist businesses who either provide ancillary and support services to the legal profession or have a lifestyle offering that we feel will be the perfect fit for your firm, and for your clients. On a zero commission basis, and with the intention of passing on the maximum benefit available, we have negotiated exclusive services, preferential rates and tailored benefits for you, our members.

Over the following pages we'll be introducing these businesses to you and look forward to hearing about the successful relationships that you will forge as a result.

Just click on the links below what each supplier is offering.

For more information about each deal please contact the supplier directly and remember to quote 'HM Connect' when you make your enquiry in order to be eligible for the special deals.