Our Glasgow 2014 legacy

We took great pride in having played a key role in delivering the greatest Games ever. But our legacy doesn't stop at the finish line.

This experience will allow us to continue innovating, providing world class results to all our clients.

At the conclusion of our once-in-a-generation experience as Legal Advisers to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games we're looking forward to the fresh challenges we face.

Glasgow 2014 was about more than an incredible 11 days of sporting events. It was about inspiring a country and the young people who will be our next heroes, about building spirit and a sense of pride, and of course leaving a solid legacy for the generations to come.

Our contribution wasn't limited to the vital work we did advising the Organising Committee, or our role as sponsors of the Games. As you can see from the pages of this site, it was about much more than that.

Already, since the Games finished, we have expanded and are now able to offer one of Scotland's largest private client services teams.

Just like the athletes who graced the Commonwealth Games, we won't rest on our laurels. The next challenge is always around the corner, which is why we are constantly adapting, learning and improving as we strive to be the firm of choice for businesses and individuals.

This is what drives us. This is our legacy.

VIDEO - Harper Macleod & Glasgow 2014

Chief Executive Martin Darroch & Chairman, Professor Lorne Crerar sums up what Glasgow 2014 meant for Harper Macleod

Greatness begins behind the scenes

To commemorate our pivotal role as Legal Advisers to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, and to maintain a visual reminder of the legacy it gives us, we commissioned Glasgow School of Art student Georgina Clapham to deliver a work of art that encapsulated Harper Macleod and the Games.

For us, this meant showing that nothing truly great can happen without preparation, vision, dedication, drive and talent being applied beyond the spotlight.

The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games was one of the greatest spectacles ever to grace Scotland, sporting or otherwise, but what did it take to make sure it shone?

The work she produced exceeded our expectations, at its heart rooted in Scotland, yet embodying a contemporary spirit and the universal theme of striving to perform.

It's a painting that already has a story to tell. The original board Georgina prepared for the work was in the Professors' Studios on the top floor of the Mackintosh Building on the day fire broke out in May 2014, ravaging the iconic art school. The board was beyond repair, but in keeping with the wider response to this tragedy, Georgina was able to begin again and deliver more than we could have hoped.

Georginawithpainting (1)

Georgina said: "The magnitude of the Games is not contained solely within the painting but in the different ways that it can be interpreted or understood. I didn't want to make a 'sports portrait' as such but create a subtler universal figure, with the idea that endurance and greatness come from within: the runner taking a moment of quiet contemplation to focus her mind.

"When you witness something as spectacular as the Commonwealth Games it is difficult to envisage what has gone into each athlete's performance, as one is so consumed by the atmosphere and the excitement of competition. My work portrays a form of behind the scenes preparation. For me it conveys a serious determination, to venture into the challenging Scottish terrain."

Harper Macleod has been at the heart of a once-in-a-generation opportunity. This painting is part of our Glasgow 2014 legacy, a stunning reminder of one of the most important and memorable chapters in the firm's history.

A legacy to build on

"In 25 years' time, what images will we conjure up when we look back on the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games?

No doubt we'll remember Usain Bolt dancing round Hampden Park, Clyde the Thistle, the Clyde-sider volunteers and Glasgow quite simply revelling in the global spotlight.

Hopefully, we'll be able to reflect on the regeneration inspired by the Games, how it improved lives, creating opportunity where there was none. A new generation of our athletes, inspired as children watching the Games in person or on television, will have taken on and beaten the world. Scotland's businesses and organisations will have built upon a showcase like no other, selling our ingenuity, products, services and very country to the Commonwealth and the world.

As Legal Advisers to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and the event's very first sponsor, the Games have been an important part of Harper Macleod's business. In an association which has lasted more than three years, our role in helping to deliver what have been widely regarded as the best Games ever has already given us a tangible legacy.

Under the glare of publicity and pressure of an immovable deadline, we were able to demonstrate our capability across every aspect of the Games' preparation – from the procurement and construction of the 'floating' Hampden track to advising on merchandising, recruiting volunteers and the broadcasting agreements which saw Glasgow 2014 beamed to the world.

In 25 years' time, when Harper Macleod celebrates its golden anniversary, I believe we will have golden memories of what we achieved and the impact the Games had on our business success.

Our challenge is the same facing the city, country and wider business community – we delivered an event to be proud of, now let's build on it."

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