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 Criminal injuries compensation solicitors

Criminal injuries compensation solicitors

If you are a victim of criminal injury then you may be able to make a claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).


Claim for criminal injuries compensation with no win no fee

You may get an award if you were physically or mentally injured as a result of a crime of violence in the UK.

A crime of violence has no legal definition however it will generally have involved a physical attack or period of abuse. Examples of situations that qualify under the scheme include (but are not limited to) assault, wounding, attempted poison, injuries from crimes of arson or where an individual was deliberately hit with a vehicle (but not where injury was caused by an accident.) You may also qualify under the scheme where you were the dependent and/or a close relative of an individual who died as a result of violent crime.

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Common questions about criminal injury claims
What is the process for Criminal Injury Compensation Claim?


Initially you should report any crime against you to the Police. If you report an incident to the Police, you should obtain the Police Incident number to be submitted to CICA.

It is a requirement for any individual looking to make a claim with CICA to do everything they can to assist in the capture and conviction of the person who caused the injury.

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How long do I have to claim after suffering a criminal injury?


A claim for compensation through the scheme will only be considered if that claim is made within two years of the injury. This time limit is strictly enforced and it is only in rare circumstances that CICA consider extending this limit. It is not necessary that the individual that injured you is convicted of a criminal offence for an award of compensation to be made.

CICA will not award compensation to you if there is a continuing close link between you and your attacker and it is likely that the attacker would benefit from your award. For example, CICA would not make award in domestic abuse cases if the injured party and their attacker continue their relationship following the attack.

CICA will take into account your conduct in the run up to, during and in the aftermath of the event in which you were injured. A claim is likely to be refused if you willingly took part in a fight, provoked the incident in which you were injured or taking part in illegal activities when you were injured. They will also consider excessive use of alcohol and use of illicit drugs. CICA may also reduce or refuse an award if you have a criminal record.


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