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Employment Matters e-update – May 2022


Prior to judgments being issued online, the process of obtaining a copy judgment was not easy. In order to obtain a copy of a judgment an individual would need to approach the ET either in Glasgow or Bury St Edmunds, request a copy of the specific judgment and pay a fee – this often led to delays in receiving the judgment and in some cases the ET not being able to locate it at all. Whilst previously it was possible to request a copy of a judgment, it was reasonably difficult to do so. Consequently, parties could be relatively confident that any judgment relating to them was unlikely to be seen by a large number of people.

Now however, save for in cases of administrative error, most judgments will be published online and easily found by a search of the ET online database. We say ‘most’ as the database does not seem to constitute a complete record of all ET judgments and some simply do not find their way online. As the information is held online it is also possible for judgments to be found through a generic search for a company name on a search engine.

Whereas previously a judgment would only be found by someone making a deliberate effort to obtain a copy (and who already knew some basic details about the claim in order to do so), now it is relatively easy to search all judgments involving a specific person/company, and even for judgments to be found by accident by someone searching for a company online for unrelated purposes.


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