Masterclass: How to franchise your business and other 3rd party growth strategies

January 2018 (date TBC), 12pm - 2pm
Harper Macleod LLP, The Ca'd'oro Building, 45 Gordon Street, Glasgow

In this masterclass we will provide an introduction to the most commonly used third party growth strategies in the UK: Franchising, Licensing, Distribution and Agency. It will set out the differences between these strategies and seek to explain the pros and cons of each.

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For many SMEs, organic growth (attempting to grow your business under your own steam) is not always the most attractive option. It requires a large investment of time and resource (both financial and human) and often this is not what a business owner desires.

For example, the business owner may want to reach a wide audience in a short space of time? Reduce the number of employees for whom he or she is responsible? Or expand internationally into new territories?

There are a variety of business growth strategies that can be adopted by such business owners to partner with third parties to achieve their goals. For example, a business such as Domino's uses a network of franchisees to make and deliver pizzas to their customers. Similarly, large motor vehicle companies such as Ford use distributors such as Arnold Clark to sell their cars.

Choosing the right strategy can be complicated; there are many different factors to consider: speed of growth, level of control, financial return, ease of management, the list goes on.

The interactive masterclass will be a round table discussion, with members of our experienced Franchising team and a specialist consultant who will be able to provide a real life business context to each of these growth strategies.

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