Alexis Miller

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Alexis Miller

31 Alexis Miller

Joined: 2012
Office: Glasgow

Why did you choose Harper Macleod?

I chose Harper Macleod for a number of reasons.  I wanted to work in a firm that had a clear vision for its future.  I am the type of person who knows the path that I want to take and I wanted to be part of an organisation where I could realise those career aspirations.  Harper Macleod stood out as an energetic and successful firm.  It was clear that it operated as a business, not just a law firm. 

How does it differ from other firms you have worked at – professionally, culturally and socially? 

Harper Macleod is a very professional organisation.  The culture of the firm is one of enthusiasm, innovation and constantly thinking outside the box.  The people are ambitious, hardworking and intelligent but approachable and down to earth.  I am on the social committee so am involved in planning all the firm’s social events.  There is a great mix of people and a variety of events organised.   My previous firm was where I trained.  Although I had many happy years there, I knew that I was not going to be able to achieve my career goals there.  In contrast, Harper Macleod has a culture that provides for their staff to develop themselves personally and professionally should they wish the opportunity to do so.

How has the firm helped you to develop your career?

I knew when I joined the firm that I did not just wish to do my job as a solicitor.  I wanted to become involved in many aspects of the firm.  The firm has provided me with the opportunity to do various things:  being part of Micro Tyco, a charity challenge where we had to raise as much money as possible from £1 in one month, being part of HM Leadership School, membership of the social committee and the opportunity to provide training both internally and externally.  The workload is interesting and varied and I have dealt with cases over the last few years that I would have probably never had the opportunity of dealing with at my previous firm.  I believe that my career has developed a lot quicker at Harper Macleod because they are invested in the staff that they have.  

Harper Macleod stood out as an energetic and successful firm. It was clear that it operated as a business, not just a law firm. Alexis Miller

What has been the highlight of your time at Harper Macleod?

The highlight for me was when I was promoted to Associate.   I had worked very hard to get to that point and had been involved in complicated and high value cases where I was the lead Solicitor.  For me, the promotion was recognition of the work that I had done but also the firm’s investment in me for the future. 

What would you say to anyone considering a career at Harper Macleod?

If you are the type of person that is ambitious and hardworking and you want an opportunity to develop your career and progress your personal development then Harper Macleod would be the firm for you.  It is the type of place that if you want your future to be there then it will provide you with the opportunities and resources to make that happen.

Five words which describe Harper Macleod and its people:

  1. Entrepreneurial
  2. Approachable
  3. Enthusiastic
  4. Innovative
  5. Driven