Intellectual Property & Technology

We are a full service IP & T practice. We deal with all aspects of intangible asset protection, management and commercialisation, from copyright through to patent law, from trade marks through to information technology and media law.

We have key strengths in key areas. Our work in sports has given us a fundamental understanding of broadcasting, sponsorship and image rights. Our extensive work with research orientated organisations has given us critical experience in the software & informatics, life sciences and energy and renewables sectors. Our work with blue chip companies has driven our understanding of brand management, the online world and internationalisation. Our governmental work has put us at the forefront of key telecoms, information technology and data management projects.

We are recognised. Our work has been identified as exemplary by organisations such as Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession and the European Commission.

We are commercial and relationship driven. Our work revolves around identifying key strategic goals for clients and their projects, then building round these an approach designed to achieve key short and long term business objectives. We're focused on value, and partnering clients on a long term basis. Our portfolio stretches from startups and spinouts through to multinationals, and we approach management of each client's intangible assets with the individuality they deserve.

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