Healthy Workplace

We strive to create an inclusive, healthy, safe and stimulating work environment

The promotion of health and wellbeing has become part of the firm's culture as part of our 'Healthy Working Lives' campaign.  Our health initiatives aim to increase health awareness, address any concerns, and improve the general health of our workforce. As we adopt healthier choices in both our work and personal lives, and also pass on the benefits to their own family and friends.

We encourage our people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and are committed to work life balance.  We have a range of flexible working opportunities, and many of our employees/Partners currently work flexible, part time or reduced hours, and are able to work from home.  We offer childcare vouchers scheme to help working parents to make a saving on childcare costs.  We also appreciate the difficulties of balancing studying with work and home life and offer paid study leave for those undertaking further or higher qualifications.